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Cross flow Closed Cooling Tower Working Principle

Closed cooling tower (also known as evaporative air cooler) is the tube heat exchanger placed in the tower, through the circulation of air, spray water and circulating water heat exchange to ensure the cooling effect.

Cross flow closed cooling tower is a common type of cooling tower, check the below picture and it can shows the working principle vividly.

crossflow working principle.jpg

Basically there are two circulation loops during the counterflow closed cooling tower work:

1. the internal cycle: hot water flows from the industrial equipment into the cooling tower cooling coil, the cooling coil through the heat into the outside, after cooling the circulating water from the pump to the device.

2. external circulation: driven by the spray pump, spray water from the sink to the sprinkler system, after the water jet cooling coil contact with the heat exchange, part of the hot steam through the fan discharge, the spray water after cooling fell to Sink again after the cycle.

Crossflow Closed Cooling Tower

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