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Stainless Steel heat exchanger coils

The material includes Red Copper、Stainless Steel.

The coils is the key component of cooling tower, the quality will directly affect the cooling effect, our series of closed cooling tower coil technology with the following features:

(1)Modularization. The cooling coil is designed as a modular structure to facilitate maintenance. When the coil is damaged, you only need to replace the coil module, without having to replace the entire cooling tower.

(2)Secondary stress test. Each coil module undergoes a secondary pressure test. The test will be submerged into the water coil, and then injected 0.8MPa high-pressure air. Observe whether there is a bubble, to determine whether the coil leakage. No leakage of the test coil, and then hydrostatic test. The purpose of the pressure test is to check for leaks. The purpose of the hydrostatic test is to test the pressure resistance of the coil. Test pressure 1.8MPa.

(3)Galvanized frame with elastic support. The cooling coil support frame is welded with a galvanized frame. Stainless steel pipe support plate made of high quality PVC board. Since the hardness of PVC plate is lower than the hardness of stainless steel, stainless steel pipe will not be damaged when it is vibrated.

(4)Triangle arrangement. Coil cross-section of any two tube centers are equal. This is a triangular arrangement, can even more greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency of closed cooling towers.

(5)Tilt antifreeze. The so-called tilt antifreeze refers to the same branch, there are 6 degrees between the two angles. The purpose of this is to quickly and thoroughly empty the accumulated water in the coil during winter shutdown. A large angle to ensure no residual liquid coil, to prevent cracking.

(6)The supervisor with galvanized pipe. The supervisor of the coil means the tube that brings together the tubes. Our series of closed cooling towers, all made of galvanized pipe. Greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the product.

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